Because offering a magical, unforgettable and safe experience is our priority.

Disinfection: before the reopening and continuously

Before the permitted reopening of the store, all efforts were focused on thoroughly disinfecting all the firm’s points of sale. And it is still done every day.

Continuous and rigorous quality and health control

The meticulous crafting processes for our wedding dresses are subject to strict quality and hygiene control, applied from our workshop to the points of sale, and without forgetting the logistics centre.

Store personnel will have their temperature taken daily and it will be compulsory to wear single-use masks and gloves. In order to prevent infection and spreading, the recommended minimum safety distance will also be respected, as established in the general regulations set to combat COVID-19.

DE LA VIDA BRIDAL COUTURE SA acts responsibly in the context of COVID-19

The measures and recommendations implemented at our points of sale ensure we can continue making dreams come true for our brides and guests safely, while also looking after our teams.

In-store recommendations:

Go to your appointment wearing mask and gloves, minimising the risks of catching and spreading the coronavirus

Go to your appointment accompanied by a single person, preferably someone who is not considered vulnerable.

Payment methods to avoid contact: bank transfer or credit card

Avoid using the bathroom, except for emergencies

Basic in-store hygiene and safety measures

Limited capacity

Everyone has their temperature taken at the entrance. If it is over 37.4 degrees: the appointment must be re-scheduled

Antiseptic gels at the entrance and in the common areas such as changing rooms and reception

Individual disinfection of each changing room after use

Disinfection of garments and accessories after use. The dresses are sanitised using a steam treatment.

Total daily disinfection of the entire point of sale

Our appointment service makes more sense than ever: offering personalised treatment and attention to detail, with all the safety guarantees.